Magnets for the automotive

Active in the automotive industry

IMA is strongly committed to research, development and innovation, aware of the dynamism of the sector and the need to create new products suited to the increasingly demanding needs of automotive companies. IMA has a dynamic team which is continually improving its products to adapt them better to the needs of the automobile industry.

There are various magnetic materials suitable for use in this sector; the one we choose depends on the requirements of each application. The materials to be used may be sintered, cast or alloyed with plastic substances. The conditioning parameters can include costs, the magnetic field required, the working temperature, the geometry and the type of magnetisation needed.

There are very diverse applications in the automotive industry, for example:

· ABS control systems
· Automatic gearboxes
· Electric windows
· Windscreen wiper motors
· Light position controls
· Seat movement motors
· Position sensors
· Holding internal ceilings in place
· Holding rear doors in place
· Detecting whether seatbelts are fastened
· Alternators
· Closing cabins


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