One of the differentiating factors of IMA is magnetic simulation, used as a pre-fabrication process for the magnet that helps the customer meet their needs, with the creation of the product and the visualization of the magnet before producing it.

An industrial sector in which magnets are used very frequently and with high quality is the music industry. Whether it's loudspeaker technology, acoustics or the soft plucking of the strings of the electric guitar, we find magnetism everywhere.

A magnet is a product with magnetic properties used for multiple applications in different sectors, but now it is also used as a tool for fastening and fixing products, improving the clamping force that until now offered other materials such as the Dual Lock.

Der Magnet ist ein magnetisches Produkt, das für verschiedene Anwendungen in verschiedenen Bereichen verwendet wird. Jetzt wird er auch als Werkzeug zur Befestigung und Befestigung von Produkten verwendet, wodurch die Klemmkraft verbessert wird, die bisher für andere Materialien wie den Dual Lock angeboten wurde.

Los imanes han desempeñado un papel notable durante siglos desde su uso como brújulas para la acupuntura china.
Everyone knows what a magnet is, but not all understand magnetic properties and how they are affected by time, temperature, wear and external magnetic fields.
The world's manufacturing businesses that rely on them have seen increases in prices in recent times.
"We do not know if in the future cars will fly but they will circulate autonomously with the help of magnetic products"

Magnetic separation equipment of all kinds is now widely used in farming and recycling plants either to remove metallic items to improve the purity in the food or to separate items so that they can be reprocessed. 

There's an increased demand for powerful automotive magnets used in the manufacture of automotive actuators and drives. Consequently, the need for rare earth metals to produce compact and powerful samarium cobalt (SmCo) and neodymium magnets (NdFeB), which can be fabricated with complex shapes and geometries, has multiplied.

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