The layout of a motorhome with its doors and furniture, is designed in such a way that different types of magnets can be used for fastening, fixing or for magnetic closures.

During this article we would like to tell you which are the most powerful magnets that can be obtained today in the market.

Magnetic lifter are available in many different shapes and designs. In principle, they can be adapted to all the loads that you want to lift or transport.

Located in the renewable energy sector such as wind, it and opportunity for innovation and efficiency. Thanks to our magnets, we can meet the needs of our customers.

IMA has extensive experience in the field of magnetic separation and, therefore, can respond competently to any request in this regard and provide professional advice.
Calibration is not exactly what the equipment indicates according to the reference standards. According to Magnet-Physik, "calibration is a documented measure of the relationship between the values of a reference standard, which have been determined by exact methods, and the values indicated for a particular item that is being calibrated."
Sabemos que el futuro serán los coches eléctricos, pero ¿sabemos su funcionamiento? Muy posiblemente no sepas que los imanes permanentes y diferentes sistemas magnéticos tienen mucha importancia en este sector.

The coating for magnets is a protection that is applied to the magnet to prevent damage to the surface and against corrosion. There are several types of coatings and in the following article, we will name them.

Magnetism has been used for a long time in electrical engineering. Each electric motor works with a magnetic field. The music industry has also long discovered the benefits of magnetism to amplify different sounds.

One of the differentiating factors of IMA is magnetic simulation, used as a pre-fabrication process for the magnet that helps the customer meet their needs, with the creation of the product and the visualization of the magnet before producing it.
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