Plastic Bonded Magnets in the automotive industry

Bonded magnets are manufactured using magnetic ferrite or rare earth powder incorporated into thermoplastics, mainly polyamides. They can be made in isotropic and anisotropic qualities. They show excellent mechanical properties, permitting strict dimensional tolerances to be achieved, making balance and assembly easier and facilitating the creation of complex geometries. This type of bonded magnet is more resistant to corrosion than sintered materials


IMA bonded magnets can be multi-pole MAGNETIZED in many different ways.


IMA manufactures plastic bonded magnets for large and well-known companies in different industrial sectors, such as electric motors and electrical appliance manufacturers and automotive companies.

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In our automatic manufacturing processes, IMA controls the marking, magnetisation and packing of goods by computer control.  The result is a 100% controlled product production, in the most efficient way, without incurring un-proportionate costs and thereby guaranteeing product quality to our customers.


IMA has special magnets suitable for the needs and designs of individual companies.